Thank You To Our 2017 Convention Sponsors

A huge "THANK YOU!!" to our 2017 Convention Sponsors  

Platinum Sponsor
Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc.

White Gold Sponsor:
Palmetto Surety Corporation

Yellow Gold Sponsor:
Bankers Insurance Company

Sterling Sponsor:
Tokio- Marine- HCC Surety Group, AIA Family of Companies,
Sun Surety Insurance Company, Bail USA, and Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc.

Copper Sponsor:
American Surety Company, Bill Armstrong, Lipstick Bail Bonds, Lexington National Insurance Corporation

$5 Convention Raffle Sponsors:
AIA Family of Company, American Surety Company,
and Cecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds

 Your continued support is why we are able to update California Bail Agents and have a great time at the conventions. Be sure to thank your Sureties for being apart of the CBAA Annual Convention!

For more information call Gloria-(888) 391-0456 Ext. 102 and ask her about the convention and how you can be a Sponsor.




Sunday Welcome Reception Bankers Insurance Group       
Sunday Hosted Bar  Financial Casualty & Surety  
Monday Moring Breakfast AIA Family of Companies  
Monday Night Dinner Accredited Surety & Casualty Company Inc.  
Monday Night Dessert    
Monday Night Hosted Bar Sun Surety Insurance Company  
Monday Keynote Speaker Luncheon  Palmetto Surety Corporation  
Tuesday Keynote Speaker Luncheon    
Bocce Ball Tournament Tokio Marine HCC- Surety Group  
Registrartion Desk    
Tuesday Morning Breakfast    
Afternoon Refreshments-Monday Bail USA Inc.  
Afternoon Refreshments-Tuesday Bail USA Inc.  
Convention Signage Bill Armstrong  
Attendee Give-a-away    
Photographer (entire event) American Surety Company  
Event Printing   Lexington National Insurance Corporation  
Dinner enterainment  Lipstick Bail Bonds  
Audio Visual (entire event)    
Sawg for attendee bags    
$5.00 Convention raffle- 1st  prize AIA Family of Companies  
$5.00 Convention raffle-  2nd  prize American Surety Company  
$5.00 Convention raffle- 3rd  prize Cecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds  

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Orange County Bail Agents Association

Bail Agents Association of San Diego

North Bay Bail Agents Association

Santa Clara County Bail Association