California Bail Agents Association
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Thank You To Our 2017 Convention Sponsors

A huge "THANK YOU!!" to our 2017 Convention Sponsors  

Platinum Sponsor
Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc.

White Gold Sponsor:
Palmetto Surety Corporation

Yellow Gold Sponsor:
Bankers Insurance Company

Sterling Sponsor:
Tokio- Marine- HCC Surety Group, AIA Family of Companies,
Sun Surety Insurance Company, Bail USA, and Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc.

Copper Sponsor:
American Surety Company, Bill Armstrong, Lipstick Bail Bonds, Lexington National Insurance Corporation

$5 Convention Raffle Sponsors:
AIA Family of Company, American Surety Company,
and Cecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds

 Your continued support is why we are able to update California Bail Agents and have a great time at the conventions. Be sure to thank your Sureties for being apart of the CBAA Annual Convention!

For more information call Gloria-(888) 391-0456 Ext. 102 and ask her about the convention and how you can be a Sponsor.




Sunday Welcome ReceptionBankers Insurance Group      
Sunday Hosted Bar Financial Casualty & Surety 
Monday Moring BreakfastAIA Family of Companies 
Monday Night DinnerAccredited Surety & Casualty Company Inc. 
Monday Night Dessert  
Monday Night Hosted BarSun Surety Insurance Company 
Monday Keynote Speaker Luncheon Palmetto Surety Corporation 
Tuesday Keynote Speaker Luncheon  
Bocce Ball TournamentTokio Marine HCC- Surety Group 
Registrartion Desk  
Tuesday Morning Breakfast  
Afternoon Refreshments-MondayBail USA Inc. 
Afternoon Refreshments-TuesdayBail USA Inc. 
Convention SignageBill Armstrong 
Attendee Give-a-away  
Photographer (entire event)American Surety Company 
Event Printing  Lexington National Insurance Corporation 
Dinner enterainment Lipstick Bail Bonds 
Audio Visual (entire event)  
Sawg for attendee bags  
$5.00 Convention raffle- 1st  prizeAIA Family of Companies 
$5.00 Convention raffle-  2nd  prizeAmerican Surety Company 
$5.00 Convention raffle- 3rd  prizeCecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds 

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