CBAA Bail Agents and Law Enforcement Summit in San Bernardino

014A8993As part of CBAA’s ongoing mission to network with other criminal justice stakeholders, the Bail Agents and Law Enforcement Summit in San Bernardino today went very well. We heard good things from San Bernardino Sheriffs’ representatives and received positive comments from the bail agents who were there. Bail agents from as far away as San Luis Obispo participated in the summit. Representatives from the Riverside Sheriffs Department were also in attendance.

Chief Shannon Dicus stood in for Sheriff John McMahon, who was attending the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference in Chicago. Chief Dicus talked about Prop 47 and the impact it has had on the community in San Bernardino. Prop 47 keeps law enforcement from being able to do their job. Some criminals are taking advantage by shoplifting just under the dollar amount limit of $950. People strung out on heroine can’t be arrested for being under the influence.

014A8960Sergeant Mahan talked about calls for service involving fugitive recovery agents. He explained that when fugitive recovery agents request assistance they may not get it right away. Calls are prioritized. Crimes in progress and threats to public safety will trump a bail fugitive recovery agent’s request for assistance. He talked about how the different types of clothes and gear fugitive recovery agents wear are often perceived by law enforcement.

Sergeant Mahan stressed the importance of complying with the requirement to notify law enforcement prior to making an arrest. He also talked about the experiences he has had with fugitive recovery agents.


CBAA’s very own Dan Escamilla did a presentation on “Fugitive Recovery-PC 1299”. Dan does an excellent job of presenting the information in a way that is both relative and informative to bail agents and law enforcement alike.

Many thanks to Gloria Mitchell and Anthony Armstrong for putting this even together and making it happen. These bail law summits are a great way for CBAA to educate law enforcement about bail agents. These summits are also a great way for bail agents and fugitive recovery agents to learn the types of policies different law enforcement agencies have in place with respect to bail.

CBAA Vice President Gloria Mitchell stood in for President Maggie Kreins who was attending the Council of Presidents in Texas. Gloria opened the event by welcoming everyone. She also did the closing and introduction of board members.