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Broadly’s automated review platform helps businesses generate great customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and other review sites. Online reviews not only help consumers, but also help business owners leverage insights to improve their internal operations and focus on being a customer-first organization. Thousands of local businesses depend on Broadly everyday.

Contact: Laura Nelson · Director of Marketing · 415-589-0431 · laura@broadly.com

American Spirit Processing

American Spirit Processing, Inc. is the nation’s leading PI industry merchant account provider for over 21 years. We help PI agencies accept all major credit and debit cards, guarantee personal and company checks including taking your clients payments electronically via “ACH” from their checking accounts nationwide. Our programs automate client payments for your accounts receivables; allow reoccurring billing for customer payments, while replacing much of the need for expensive collection companies. Turn your AR’s into a residual income.

Contact: Oran Robinson · 352-357-0673 · contactus@asp247.com


Welcome to the evolution of house arrest.

The patented Pat:14/634,768 E-Cell HOUSE ARREST APP for smartphones is an alternative to ankle-bracelet monitoring. It allows intense monitoring while it tracks and records the movements of low-risk, non-violent offenders with advanced features including: GPS Tracking, Biometric Identification, and Dynamic Remote Check-ins.

Clearly, the first question is always, “Well, couldn’t someone just leave the phone and escape?”  Of course! …but they would then be in violation. Remember–this technology is best suited for offenders who are incentivized to avoid possible harsher penalties.  This aspect is not-unlike ankle bracelets, which, while relatively easy to cut off, generally are not when appropriately assigned to motivated offenders. If the offenders fail to comply with the biometric checkins.  E-Cell recomends they be placed on the tamper proof E-Cell Ha-Bit wrist worn bracelet that comunicates via bluetooth to the E-Cell House Arrest App installed on either Iphone or Android smartphones.

Beyond the basic functions of tracking/monitoring offenders, the amount and type of data collected has enabled us to further improve functionality, and plan future releases.  We have even built features to address requests from monitoring agencies–essentially creating dynamic customized programs based on the type of information our clients have asked to receive.

If you would like to know more, or see a demonstration, please contact us–we would be happy to show you how it works!

Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc.

FCS is an insurance company focused on writing bail surety and committed to providing our agents with quality, friendly service with a smile on our face and a smile in our voice. We know bail is a competitive and sometimes difficult business. Our goal is to help and aid our agents to be successful.

“Quality NOT Quantity” is our company motto. We seek this in our agency force and in the business we write. We believe that working with individuals of good business character will reflect positively on our company and on each of our agents.

If you like dealing with a Surety that performs as promised, honors commitments, and provides quality, friendly service in a timely manner — then PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY.