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California Coronavirus Update - 05/01/2020  


The Governor announced that we are very close to a brand new announcement that regards retail, restaurants, and different industry and sectoral guidelines that will create new guidelines for reopening

Working with the league of city representing the 400+ cities in California to set up new guidelines for reopening and making the lockdown more lenient.

The stay at home guidelines followed throughout the state have allowed California to confidently announce that we have moved from the statement of “weeks, not months away” to now being “we are now days, not weeks away”, towards having meaningful changes to the lockdown and stay at home order.

This new announcement is based on the changes and leniency to the statewide lockdown order, due to more adequate testing, increased testing, enhanced distribution of medical supplies, and a greater enforcement of social and physical distancing

Certain modifications will be made within the next few days, with the attainment of additional personal protective equipment (PPE).

Provided examples of the new phased approach to get people back to work with new modifications:

The ability to sell cars with new conditions of where people meet

Open a bike store with guidelines that allow fewer people inside the store

So next week look for an announcement from the Governor on a major re-structuring of the stray at home order, looking primarily at the retail and restaurant industries



      • 78,000 hotel beds have been reserved for free or at a very reduced rate and they have been allocated for healthcare workers and essential workers on the front line of the virus who have been working 24/7, around the clock, living in their car to be close to their on call work.
      • Skilled nursing facilities have been closely monitored through wellness checks
      • 173,000 wellness checks have been administered
      • 8 million masks were delivered to the state of California in the past week
      • 2 million masks have been delivered to the California government in the last 24 hours
      • 1 million additional surgical masks have been distributed in the last 24 hours
      • 9 million individuals have signed up for unemployment insurance since March 12, 2020
      • $7.5 billion has been distributed to citizens under unemployment
      • 340,000 have signed up for the Pandemic Unemployment Insurance (PUA)
      • 50,000 individuals have reached out through the online telecommunication service that assists with the PUA



      • Lost the lives of 2000 people in the State of California
      • Over 50,000 cases of COVID-19 positive test results
            • Both the amount of lives lost and number of cases has gone up in the last 24 hours
      • 650,000 tests have been administered to the public in California
            • 25,000 tests occur each day
      • ICU number have been flat at 0% on April 30, 2020


Q & A’S:

A lawsuit has been filed by Orange County residents because of the beach closure. What are your thoughts? Also, what is being done to help with sterilization in San Francisco?

            • We have been teaming up with various corporations and companies to set up sterilization booths and areas all around the city of San Francisco, in addition to helping distribute more N-95 masks to the citizens of the city. We have distributed 44 million N-95 masks across California. For the lawsuit, it is not surprising, but we are waiting to see what happens.

With being aware of the lawsuits and protests, are the decisions you are making based on facts and data, not ego? Additionally, in terms of the Bay Area, has there been a clarification on whether or not kids under 12 years old can interact, and not just in daycare?

            • These guidelines are based on pure data and analysis of the COVID-19 disease. Through various indicators, tracking systems, and testing sites, I can safely make these claims and assumptions, leading to decisions, such as the beach closure in Southern California. Being able to reinforce a point of caution, we can always make things worse, but as long as we follow guidelines, and not meet up daily leading to a new spread, then we can help contain this disease. Additionally, while the claim has been made for children under 12 years old, we are still working with individual cities and counties to form guidelines on this claim.

What is your method and opinion for those rural testing communities that have less testing materials and sites in general?

            • 80 additional testing sites have now been focused in rural communities in California. We are doing justice to these communities, as 42 additional sites will be up by this upcoming Monday. But we do need more tests, and we need more data on the community spread, as adequate testing is still not there.

Will you do anything in regards to mortgage payment and rent relief, especially for those who have lost their jobs and are vulnerable in their community?

            • In regards to evictions, we have worked out a framework of time to relieve the stress of eviction dates. Each city and county determines these guidelines, but we are working with different payment groups and forming different partnerships with renters to create new relief programs.

Right now outside of the Capitol we see a lot of protesters who do not appear to be abiding by social distancing protocols; at what point should social distancing be enforced by local police? And when should you, the Governor, get involved to enforce it?

              • CHP is mainly in charge of making sure public health and safety is assured and created. Making sure to take care of yourself in the number one key importance towards stopping the spread of this disease. We see that there are numerous protests around the state of California, and we support the exercise of that fundamental right, but enforcing social distancing regardless of who you are is paramount.

Are you worried about social distancing becoming a partisanship issue?

              • I am making sure that social distancing does not become a political issue, but a health issue. Yet, free expression of this lockdown is fully encouraged, but should be done in a safe manner.

In regards to enforcement in Orange County, police are still allowing people on the beaches, such as Huntington beach. What can be done if the police are not helping with this lockdown?

              • While counties are still liable to creating their own interpretation of the lockdown guidelines, we have full confidence that police and CHP officials will follow guidelines to promote social distancing guidelines.