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2021 Convention-Sponsorship Opportunities

2021 Convention Sponsors



Words fall short when we try to express our sincerest gratitude for all our Sponsors. We are overwhelmed with happiness and appreciation for everything that you have done for us and the Bail Industry. We at CBAA promise to continue to work hard in protecting Bail in California and with your help, we can do it together.

CBAA Thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you to our Surety Sponsors, Individual Bail Agents Sponsors, and Bail Bond Company Sponsors. It’s because of your sponsorship and support we can hold these events. 


  • Sunday Welcome Reception Sponsor: AIA Surety
  • Sunday Night Hosted Bar Sponsors: Bail Bonds Direct, Bail Boys Bail Bonds, Le Bail Bonds
  • Sunday Night Bocce Ball Tournament: Crum & Forester-Bail USA
  • Sunday Night Entertainment “Music by Request” Sponsor: Sun Surety
  • Photographer Sponsor (Entire Event): Rod Buntjer Bail Bonds
  • Registration & Name Badges: Melissa Lippert
  • Monday Morning Breakfast Buffet: Financial Casualty & Surety, Inc
  • CBAA Lobbyist-David Quintana Sponsor: Cecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds
  • Assembly Member Jim Cooper Sponsor: Holly Bail Bonds
  • PBUS President-Scott Hall Sponsors: Patriot Bail Bonds, & Savage Insurance, Inc.
  • Monday Keynote Speaker Luncheon: Bail Hotline Bail Bonds
  • Monday Keynote Luncheon Dessert: Continental Heritage Insurance Company
  • Monday Keynote Speaker- Jonathan Hatami Sponsor: Gloria Mitchell Bail Bonds
  • Monday Keynote Table Sponsors: National Association of Bail Agents, Big Dog Bail Bonds, All Star Bail Bonds, ACC Financial & Insurance Services, Superior Bail Bonds, Cowboy Bail Bonds, McMains Bail Bonds, & Don’s Bail Bonds
  • Monday Afternoon Refreshments: American Surety Company
  • DA Panelist- Todd Spitzer DA Orange County Sponsor: Premier Bail Bonds & Artisan Bail Bonds
  • Crime Survivors-Patricia Wenskunas Sponsor: Patel Bail Bonds & Chris Castro Bail Bonds
  • Crime Victims United- Nina Salarno Besselman Sponsor: Golden State Bail Agents Association
  • CBAA Raffle 1st Prize (Surface Pro) Sponsor: Bail Bonds Direct
  • CBAA Raffle 2nd Prize (2021 iPad 256 GB Wifi & Cellular Data) Sponsor: Lilli Riley Bail Bonds
  • CBAA Raffle 3rd Prize( Samsung S6 Tablet Wifi & 400 GB SD Drive): Aloha Bail Bonds
  • CBAA Raffle 4th Prize (Apple TV and 32′ TV Monitor): American Bail Coalition
  • Tuesday CE Box Lunch Sponsor: Trinity Bail Bonds
  • Tuesday CE Education Session: Deedra Alvarado-Attorney at Law