Leading the fight to preserve Surety Bail for bail agents in California


The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel or unusual punishment inflicted.” A natural result of this right is the constitutional guarantee of reasonable bail pending trial, a concept which has been universally affirmed by the Courts of this great Union.

The Professional Bail Agent is the main instrument through which the right to freedom before trial is practically applied. This function imposes obligations beyond ordinary private enterprise. It imposes grave social responsibility to which the Bail Agent should dedicate herself or himself, and for which the Bail Agent should prepare diligently. The Bail Agent, therefore, must be zealous in maintaining and improving the standards of the bail professional and share with fellow Bail Agents a common responsibility for the integrity and honor of the bail profession.

The specific mission of the CBAA is to serve and improve the California bail industry through education and discourse with public officials and others that affect the important role of bail in the administration of criminal justice in California.

A full and complete copy of the California Bail Agents Association Bylaws can be found here.