For Immediate Release

While facts relating to the shooting in Palm Springs on April 24, 2021, are not yet clear, the fact that the person taken into custody was representing himself as a fugitive recovery agent is a cause for concern by our association. Bail agents and fugitive recovery agents serve an important role in the California criminal justice system. An important part of this role is bringing bail fugitives to justice. “Bail Agents are responsible for the safe return of tens of thousands of fugitives from justice each year. Fugitives that would otherwise not be held accountable for the crimes they are charged with.”

California fugitive recovery agents are regulated by law and required to obtain police academy (POST)
training relating to the use of force and firearms, along with the same training required of California bail
agents. Like police officers, fugitive recovery agents are often placed in circumstances where they must enter buildings to take dangerous criminals into custody.

Prior to making an arrest, fugitive recovery agents are required to notify local law enforcement authorities and comply with other legal requirements. Like police officers, if fugitive recovery agents fail to comply with the law, they could be subject to criminal prosecution or civil liability.

One of the goals of the California Bail Agents Association is to educate the public as to the role of bail agents and fugitive recovery agents in the criminal justice system. Members of the press may contact us if there are further questions relating to the role of bail agents or fugitive recovery agents.

Gloria Mitchell,
California Bail Agents Association, President
Contact: David Quintana
Phone: 916.217.2616
Sacramento, CA – April 25, 202