Sponsors are the heartbeat of our organization providing crucial support that enables us to flourish and effectively serve both our association and our communities.

Over the years at CBAA, we’ve been cautious in our approach to seeking sponsorships and prioritizing alternative fundraising avenues. However, in these challenging and uncertain times, with the bail industry facing unparalleled challenges and scrutiny, it’s vital for us to ramp up our efforts. One indispensable service that directly benefits our members is our Sacramento Lobbyist, who diligently keeps us informed.

To sustain and amplify these essential services, CBAA must establish a strong and stable financial foundation, ensuring we’re prepared to act and offer support when required.

This is where your support becomes indispensable. Your sponsorship will enable us to fortify our organization, ensuring we can consistently deliver the vital services our members depend on.

Stand alongside us as we navigate these obstacles and collaborate to forge a brighter future for the bail industry and our community.

If you’re interested in discussing ways to support CBAA, please contact our Vice President, Gloria Mitchell or our President Anthony Armstrong.