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2021 Convention-Exhibitors/ Vendors

Welcome 2021 Exhibitors, Vendors,
and Remote Vendors

This is an exciting year!

CBAA is BACK in person for our 42nd Annual Convention

We will be in Beautiful San Diego County on October 10-October 12, 2021.


We are looking for you! If you have a product or service that will benefit our Bail Agent Community we want you to join us.


Such products and services as; Debt Collection, Credit Card Processors, Ankle Monitors, Client Portals, Surety Companies.


Why you should join us at our convention?


1. Exposure gives you opportunities to promote and draw attention to your business, cause, and personal brand.  You can build contacts, relationships, and leads for your business.  

2. Advertising opportunities help expand your market, increases brand recognition, educates the consumer, and increases  your sales.

3. On-site marketing and networking Allow you to speak about your product in person with your clients and better chance to make the contact or lead for your business/product/service.

Even if you are not  able to come to the Convention we have other remote vendor opportunities.


If you are interested in being an exhibitor or vendor at our convention

Contact: Brandie- brandie@cbaa.com & Gloria-  gloria@cbaa.com

310-549-3512 ext. 102